Feeling Royal... Purple that is

Im just in a purple kind of mood today. Of course, if you havent already noticed, im in a purple kind of mood almost every day, but today its a little more then normal. 

Im feeling it from the top of my head:

(super sparkley purple headband)

To the soles of my feet:

(My fab purple plaid heels. and yes, those really are my legs, and that is a real tattoo,
 one of many)

So ive decided to share some of the purple love. Here are a couple of purple drenched pics that i totally loved:

I love the mix of shades, and the flowers are gorgeous! via

I totally dig the textured wall coverings, the the way the yellow plate pops via

Great idea for leftover bottle tops! (its an earring holder) via

I love anything to do with round paper lanterns via

Arent these just to die for?! via

Super detailed crochet (maybe i'll get this good someday) via

What colors inspire you? 


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