Home hair cuts :D

So last night, my oldest son came to me and told me he wanted a Mohawk. His hair was getting long again, and its to think he was super hot all the time (yay for Florida summers.).

So after a squeal of delight from me, I propped him up on the bathroom counter, got out the fiances beard trimmer, and started trimming.

It took forever! His hair is so thick that just trimming it was a total ordeal. We were both very happy with how it turned out though :D

trying to sit still

I let my honey take over the trimming, hes better at it lol
(Note the tiny head popping up over the bathtub.Little brother was very interested in what we were doing lol)

gotta make sure its even

Mr GQ with his dino footie jammies :D

We trimmed a shorter line to highlight the 'hawk

And this morning i found him sleeping on our floor

Yeah, i totally adore this kid :D

Hope you all have a happy monday!!


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