Happy Anniversary!!

Its been a year today since my fiance and I started dating again, and what a wonderful, crazy, stressful, amazing and inspiring year it has been!

This time last year I was on a plane flying to Austin, tx, where my fiance was living at the time. I spent a week there, and had the best time of my life! I loved the culture and the fun spirit of Austin, and all the FAB food!!

But the best part was spending time with Mike (check out his blog here) , meeting all of his friends and seeing where he worked, lived, and hung out :D

Now a year later, hes moved back here to Florida, and pretty much spent every waking minute (besides our time at work) with me and my kids. We've just bought a house, and are working on getting settled.

So what do you give to the most awesome man ever, who has everything? Unfortunately this year, not much. I decided to make him a little something, and sneak it in his laptop bag while he was showering :D This was my first real attempt at hand-sewn felt, and I think he turned out pretty cute!



And here are a couple of pics from my Texas trip :D

Us in the park

Stevie Ray Vaughan in glass! love it!

Outside the TX historical museum (yes, I went to a museum on vacation.
And I LOVED it! I'm just weird like that)

This was painted outside of a store in what looked like spray paint.
 I thought it was absolutely beautiful!

A really amazing sunset.
We sat and watched it on a little doc outside of a really great coffee shop.

Being goofy outside of the Salt Lick. Best. BBQ. EVER. Seriously, this place has been on
Food Network multiple times. Its amazing and not super expensive either!

An Early birthday present from my good friend Michelle. Its a charm with a picture of Texas, mounted on a scrabble tile (the T, of course!). Its strung with the ring that I gave Mike when we were dating the first time, when I was 16!

Here's the inside of the ring

I just wanted to take a minute out of the craziness of the day to say how happy I am and how much I love my honey :D

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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