Tutorial: Wearing your baby, a DIY Baby Sling

I finally made my sling! I've had the fabric sitting around since I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, and now that hes 2, I figured it was time to make it (while he was still small enough to use it! lol)

For me personally, it not only lets me be more hands free, but it helps my back, posture and my oh-so-tired arms when I have to carry around my little Zach (AKA the Pit).

Now granted, my little guy is now a big 2 yr old, but there are those occasions when we're walking around a lot and dont have the stroller, these things are an absolute life saver.

I got my pattern from Maya Wrap. Its super simple, and you can use any kind of fabric or decorations that you want*, and I got my rings from Sling Rings**.

*Please note: most of the things I've read about making your own slings suggest not to use super slinky or slippery fabric, just because of the chance of it sliding thorough the rings and causing injury to your child.

** BIG NOTE: Make sure to buy your rings from a company that specializes in slings. The rings are typically weight and endurance tested. YOU CAN NOT USE ANY OLD RING FOR YOUR SLING! If you use one not designed for slings, it can break and cause your child to fall. Seriously, just dont do it.

I made mine out of a light weight flannel (they say to use double sided so the white side doesnt show, but I didnt. Its not that big of a deal to me lol), and I used my heaviest weight needle in my Singer. You have to sew through several layers, so its a good idea to break out the heavy duty equipment.

Yes, I know the seam doesnt look very pretty. It works for right now, and this isnt the side that will show. I'll post more pics once I add some embellishments to it and pretty it up. 

I went over the seam and especially the edges several times. You want to make sure that its a good, sturdy seam and wont eventually pull out. 

This is what the other side looks like.

Me and Zach (please excuse the fact I look like crap in this pic. No makeup, and my hair was a mess)

Look ma! No hands!!

He was totally loving it. He didnt want me to take him out!

You can also find slings (or a version there of) at your local targets and 
wal-marts, or you can check around for local mamas 
who make and sell their own creations.


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