Do you ever wonder if you're TOO crafty?

As I look around our new home, I have nothing but potential design ideas running through my head. But occasionally I sit and wonder.... am I trying to do too much?

I can't help it!

Everywhere I look I think..."I could paint X on that" or "I could add Y to that and make it AWESOME!", But when does it get to be too much?

For me, it's when I find several half-finished little projects laying around.

I try to finish one before I start the next, but if an idea is just too tempting, i cant help but want to jump right on it while the creative juices are flowing!

I guess you could call it the "Ooh, Shiny!" syndrome. Or maybe I have ADD or something. I find something that's new and exciting, and the things that I'm working on suddenly lose interest.

Right now I have a couple of projects going. I'm going to make a list so that all of my dear readers can hold me accountable, and I'll post pics as soon as I finish something.

  • First and the biggest priority right now, is a baby blanket that I'm crocheting for a girl I work with. She'd due any day now, and I'd really like to finish it before the baby gets here lol This one is FINALLY finished! check the link for pics!
  • Finishing up the couple of things I have left to fix for my alteration business. You know, the stuff people are paying me to do *smacks forhead*
  • Putting the final touches on my older sons room. We need to hang his dry erase board (it's a big piece of tile board. You can get a 4' by 8' piece for around $15 at home depot), and paint his dresser.
  • I have a little table that my wonderful finace is gluing back together for me (the top was coming apart). Once thats done, it'll need to be painted and I need to cut out the second shelf (right now there is only one shelf and a brace. I'm going to put another shelf over the brace) This one is done too! Check it out here
  • Finish painting the master bathroom. I have a couple little paint tester spots on the walls, and I know its driving my fiance nuts!
  • My adorable jumper. Yes, I have givien in to the jumper trend. I've cut the pattern out, but realized i bought the wrong sized pattern, so I'll have to cut it down first.
There are plenty of other little things I need to do around that house, but these are the things I've already started. Do you have a project "to do" list? Or are you easily distracted, like me, and have several things beggin for your attention?

Enough blogging, time to get to work!!


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